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Stud Service

Llama breeding, stud service, stud fees, pack llama breeder

Stud Selection

Rock Creek Trail Llamas has several elite quality studs available for outside breeding. We will work with you to select the optimal stud for your female, considering the genetic diversity of the pairing as well as the conformation of each llama and the desired characteristic outcome. 

We recommend first time females, especially those under three years of age, be bred to a male less than 48" tall, as large crias can create birthing complications, and first-time moms can be trickier as well when it comes time to deliver the cria. 

Please contact us to discuss stud fees and what you're looking for in a pairing.

How it Works

You'll bring your female(s) to the ranch, located near Deer Lodge, Montana, and drop them off to be bred. All females must be up to date on their vaccinations and free of disease or parasites prior to their arrival at our ranch. A veterinary inspection may be required prior to their arrival to ensure the safety of our herd.

You'll pay a non-refundable $250 deposit, which will cover their basic care while at Rock Creek Trail Llamas for up to 75 days. If you wish to bring a cria along with your female to be bred, there will be an additional $100 charge.

After your female arrives and is settled in, she will then be bred to the agreed upon stud. While sometimes we get lucky and a female will take on the first breeding, it is not uncommon for multiple sessions to be required before a female becomes pregnant. We will continue to monitor your female and ensure she has become pregnant before she is ready for pickup. We recommend waiting at least 30 days after her last breeding before picking your female up to ensure the pregnancy has taken and to minimize the likelihood of a stress-induced miscarriage during transport back to your ranch.

Llama breeding, stud service, stud fees, pack llama breeder
Llama breeding, stud service, stud fees, pack llama breeder

Once your cria is born healthy, you will send us an ILR registration form (if desired) along with the balance of the stud fee, and we will return signed paperwork to you promptly. 

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